Why Business Cards is top Marketing and Branding Tools in the Business World

By: Elsie Luna


Business cards are mostly made up of stock paper. It holds the information of the company like contract and the address with email id and other necessary details. These cards are designed in a way for the customers according to their choice so that they can give an impressive and captivating look to their cards. Apart from normal paper cards, these cards can be made in PVC, translucent plastic, crystal clear plastic, and metallic plastic or even metal. Customization offers all the unique shapes and sizes that suit the needs of the company in the best way possible. Sustainable cards in most reasonable rates are easily available for every kind of business without any additional or tiresome efforts.

There is a lot of business running, some with a strong and impressive image where others fail to make their mark or even get target audience, despite the services they offer. For a business to flourish, it is important to get your business noticed in the market or among the competitors or fellow business where there is a chance of expanding and creating long term, good relationships.

You are very well familiar with the word business card but not with the benefits of these cards that can help your business in many ways.  No matter how much we walk towards development and advancement, there are some things that are irreplaceable, and one of them is the business card.

It is a small card or piece of paper that contains one’s name, trade, contact information, and address mostly.

Business cards over centuries

The first time these cards were seen in China in the 15th century. It was not called business cards at that time but visiting cards. People used to carry these cards along with them as a self-promoting thing. These visiting were sent as a request to the other person in the desire of meeting with them.


Later on, entering into the 18th century, these cards were transformed in to trade cards, which contained the information on both sides. One side used to have information about the company, and the other side was printed with a map that could help people in locating the business.

19th century brought the revolution and removed the lines between social and trade-related interactions because of the need to promote the business to beat the competition. People felt the need to introduce both themselves and their company in order to create stronger connections to the people. It gave birth to the business card.

This world is full of all the other contact and marketing mediums, but the companies with great worth still use this form of tool to introduce themselves to others as it is greatest of the all marketing and branding tools in the business world because of it;


1.   Gives a professional feel

Decide yourself, telling out all the information verbally will impress the other person or handing over a well-designed business that gives all the necessary information. Custom business cards allow companies to use the colors and designs according to the theme of the company. The information that they wish to display on the front and the symbols or logo of the company in the font that is visible to the others from far away are possible in a few friendly steps.


2.   Give a face to your company

Without any slightest doubt, expressive business cards designs hold the whole objectives and goals of the company in a nutshell.

3.   Create a distinction

Competition is high, tension is increasing with each passing second, new and improved businesses are emerging with every rising sun, and the quest to stand out in the market and be remembered for a long time is never-ending.

Catchy and interesting business cards printing ensures that your client or other companies will definitely think of you in the first place when needed.


4.   Enhance the legitimacy of the business

Every business or deal with the companies or even the smallest purchase depends on the legitimacy of the company.

Business cards contain all the information that helps in knowing the company and answer all the questions that verify the legitimacy of the company like;

  • Who are you?
  • Where are you located?
  • What are you offering?
  • How to get in touch with you

5.   Facilitate networking

Almost the most successful businesses start with the conversations, and the most amazing conversations start with an effective and captivating business card. The cards that have interesting designs, impressive logos, unique cutouts, laminations, and foiling sparks interest in the receiver and urges them to talk about it more.


It is of no doubt that there is nothing that could beat the tradition of keeping the business card for the introduction and marketing of the company. Availability of custom printed business cards online is not an issue in today’s world. These cards are an art in itself because of customization, sustainability, and economic factor.