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CBD Boxes

CBD boxes made up of the most biodegradable and recyclable material like cardboard that is not only affordable but provides full protection to your products. These boxes are customized in terms of shape, size, and designs that [perfectly represent your brand in terms of quality, better presentation and description of the product and the company.

CBD Packaging Boxes

CBD packaging is tricky when it comes to designing and what information to be put on the boxes. It is because CBD is a component that is extracted from cannabis which makes it hard to define if it is legal or not as a prescribed quantity is considered legal otherwise it is not.
Custom CBD boxes are required to be durable and reliable when it comes to keeping the product safe inside the box yet have an appearance that is captivating enough to grab customers’ attention. We at offer full customization of your product packaging that is up to the standards of a premium-quality packaging.

Custom CBD Boxes:

Our experts know their job the best. Get your packaging needs to be fulfilled with us in the easiest way where we offer free design support to our customers that allow them to understand their needs and what will go best with those needs.

  • Material that matters:

An all-rounder packaging is the ones that not only are appealing and protective but responsible. The material used for the manufacturing of the boxes contributes to the quality of the packaging because of the texture, thickness, and surface of the cardboard used. We use high-grade paperboard, cardboard, or corrugated cardboard that make a strong and sturdy box. It also provides a fine surface for printing and graphics that result in visible, clear and vibrant printing. We have got you covered here too as cardboard is highly eco-friendly and recyclable.

  • Shapes and sizes:

We provide CBD product boxes in all the different and unique shapes like window cut boxes, die cut boxes, pillow boxes, flip open lid boxes, magnetic closure boxes, and any other shape that go with the product seamlessly. These shapes help in creating a distinguished image of the brand in the market. Get your CBD display boxes like a countertop or stand up, that can fit any size and quantity of product without any difficulty.

  • Designing:

We give control in the hands of our customers when it comes to customization. Our experts listen to the packaging design needs and provide free design support to the customers so that they can create their dream boxes. They can choose the color that is representative of the company, patterns that explain the nature of the products, and even the placing of the information like company’s name or logo and product description on packaging boxes.

  • Laminations/foiling/embossing:

Our state of the art customization techniques like lamination, foiling, and embossing or debossing give your boxes a more personalized and polished look. Laminations in the glossy or matte finish give a more luxurious feel that depicts the quality and increases the worth of the product. Foiling and embossing can be done for text, patterns or images that look regal to the boxes.

Additional Services: not only is about its products but the customers. We value our customers and to make their experience satisfying we offer;

  • Free shipping
  • Free design support
  • No die cut charges
  • Expedite shipping
  • Quick turnaround time
  • 24/7 customer support

Get your custom Cannabidiol boxes that are competitive and reliable for any type of product in any size with We value the time, effort, and hard earn money customers spend on their packaging.
Happy shopping!

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