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Vape Packaging

Vape packaging made up of sustainable packaging material with unique shapes and cuts that keep all the focus on the product. The boxes that are designed in the colors that speak for the company with the logo and information regarding product are proved to be the hot sellers.

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Vape, short or vaporizer, is a battery-powered handheld device that simulates smoking. It does not burn the tobacco but uses a special type of fluid that contains nicotine and also comes in nicotine-free versions. It is high-in-demand among the younger generations because of the cool factor.
If you are finding the solution to beat the competition and create a distinguished image in the market or if you are still in a dilemma that why your vaporizers are not making sales like any other brand?
The answer is custom vape packaging!
We offer vaporizer and vape cartridge boxes that are a piece of art in itself because of the high-end manufacturing material, premium printing, and unique shapes and sizes that have no match.
Our services!

Customization of Vape Packaging:

We provide cardboard, paperboard, and Kraft paper or corrugated cardboard E liquids boxes that are strong or sturdy enough to keep the delicate vape cartridges safe inside the boxes. These boxes are customized in any shape from rectangular to cylindrical, window cut, magnetic closure to flip open rigid boxes that give unique vibe according to their style. Rigid boxes are the strongest and luxurious of them all. They do not collapse like other boxes and provide ultimate protection to CBD oil vape and the cartridge. The structure of these boxes makes them the safest childproof vape cartridge boxes. Cardboard is the most durable yet eco-friendly and recyclable material that is available in the market for product packaging.

Custom designs for CBD tincture boxes that include the necessary information like the flavor, ingredients, company name, logo or important safety symbols are made on customers demand in the colors, designs, size of the text or font they want. We at keep the choice of the customer close to heart and help them in creating the packaging that not only is efficient when it comes to protection but also in enhancing the appearance of the boxes.

To develop a strong brand image and make your customers remember you for a longer period of time or whenever it is about quality. Our high-quality lamination in the glossy or matte finish gives your boxes a smooth, fine, and high-quality finish. It increases the strength of the boxes and provides protection from crucial weather conditions. Foiling and embossing of the important details make perfect gift boxes for CBD infused edibles.

Additional Services:

Customer’s satisfaction is what we take religiously. We understand the sentiments of the customers that are attached to the packaging of their products and the trust they put in us. To value their time and money, we offer additional services to our precious customers;

  • No die-cut charges
  • Free shipping
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Low minimums
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Free design support

We strive every day to give our customers the quality that speaks for itself without any doubt. Our boxes are durable, cost-effective, and environment-friendly, which make them all-rounder in the packaging industry. Give us a chance to serve your packaging needs and enjoy the most luxurious packaging and astonishing customer response with your high-end boxes.

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