Vape Packaging 6 mistakes that can cost you badly how to overcome it

By: Cortney Jacklyn

While creating the perfect vape packaging, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. It will help you in avoiding the mistakes that can cost you and your business massively. So if you are really curious about getting to know about these mistakes, then follow below to learn more about them.


Lack of Uniqueness:

The first mistake that most companies make while they are making their vape cartridge boxes is that they do not make them unique. Nowadays, if the packaging has no unique element in it, then the chances for success are quite low. It can cost your business massively because the customer would not prefer to buy such packaging. To counter this problem, you have to know about the latest design trends and come up with a way to use them in your packages. It is important to note that you are not supposed to copy someone else’s style completely. Or else there will be nothing unique about it. If you think that it is too big of a task for you, then you can always find professional designers to do the job for you.

Complex Opening Mechanism:

One thing that you need to pay attention to while coming up with the best Custom Vape Boxes is that you need to make them user-friendly. A packaging that looks good from the outside but is hard to get inside is not good packaging. The design of the box should be simpler to open and close so that customers do not get a headache while trying to open the box. It can sometimes lead to a damaged product because of mishandling. However, if you are still going with that type of design, then you can print the instructions on the box for the customers to read it. It will be a good gesture for the customers as it is a part of the customer experience.


Errors in the Package:

Nothing has the power to turn any product packaging into a joke other than the errors that can come in packaging. These errors can be related to the illustration placement on the boxes or related to the text on them. Therefore, you should always double-check your packaging for any proofing errors. It can save you from embarrassment in the long run. The best way to ensure that no mistakes of that sort happened with the packaging is by going through the design several times. Another good idea is to print a sample tincture packaging beforehand to look for any errors.

Wastage of Space:

As a vape cartridge box packaging can be manufactured in more than one customizable size, you should opt for the one with minimal wastage. Most of the time, a product is small and the box that comes s with it is large. It is hard for companies to fit all the important design elements and information on smaller packaging. But it is not an excuse to pollute the environment. Therefore measure the dimensions of the product and make a box that can fit it perfectly. Moreover, having a smaller box will also help you keep more stock at your store at a time as they take less space.


Lack of Proper Protection:

As most people know that a vape is a delicate product. Therefore custom vape boxes should have all the protective measures in them to protect the product. For this purpose, the size again matters a lot. If the product fits perfectly into the box, then the chance so it getting damaged is less. Further, you also have the option to add custom inserts inside the box. It will boost the protective abilities of the packaging, and your customers receive the products in perfect condition.

No Proper Information:

Lack of proper information related to the product can sometimes steer a customer away from buying it. Most customers have some questions in mind when they are looking to get anything. If the packaging can answer those questions with the textual information presented on it, then chances of its success are high. Also, some companies tend to misguide the customer about their products by mentioning the attributes that the product is not capable of. It can surely harm the reputation of the brand, and it should be avoided at every cost.


If you have read about all the mistakes related to vape packaging in the article above, then now you know what you need to avoid. It will help you provide your customers with the best services and can help your business grow more. So if you are really ready to proceed, then get in touch with your supplier and discuss the above-mentioned points with them.