These 8 Myths about Postcards Stop You from Getting Succeed

By: Emma Meaghan

When you have started a business, you shouldn’t care about myths. They misguide you and stop you from becoming successful. Like other businesses, many misconceptions about Postcard printing are stopping people from becoming successful. Various business owners don’t understand the value and significance of postcards. Following are different myths about them.

Too Small and Don’t Work:

Many people think that postcards are too small. They think that they aren’t enough to grab the attention of clients. Due to their small size, people ignore them. When you are using postcards for promotion or advertisement, they don’t work. All of these are just myths. This is the wrong claim that they don’t work. You must be surprised to know that thousands of business owners are using them. They rely on them for their marketing and advertisement. It is also an incorrect claim about them that they are too small. You don’t know their significance and effectiveness. A 4×6 postcard can help to generate a surprising impact. Their main objective is to pique the interest of your business. You should know that Premium Postcards can do that beautifully.


Big-Sized Postcards Aren’t Economical:

Another false claim about these cards is that their prices vary according to their sizes. People think that bigger postcards aren’t economical. They think them to be costly and expensive. People are always trying to save money and find economical solutions. You should know that big-sized custom postcards printing is economical. They are affordable and budget-friendly. All types of postcards are economical, and you should consult with some experts to know which size is the best for you. When you have to find the best size of postcard for the marketing of your business, you must take special care while choosing the size.

Outdated Means Of Communication:

Another misconception that may stop you from becoming successful is that they are outdated. You should keep in mind that nothing is outdated until it stops working. When it comes to postcards, they aren’t outdated. They are proven, tried, and validated means of marketing. It remained in practice for decades. You should know that when you have to target the younger generation, you must send them postcards. They will pay more attention to them instead of a swarm of emails, texts, and DMs. They receive texts and DMs every day. They don’t focus on them. Postcards are “veterans” of the marketing campaigns. You shouldn’t consider them outdated. They can work for you to earn a good response from the audience.

Advertising Through These Cards Is Expensive:

If you are a businessman, you may know the importance of marketing. You can have a good idea about the advertisement. All the companies struggle to become successful. They make use of newspaper ads, advertisements via TV channels, radio, and other media. Advertising through these media can be expensive and costly. This is not true in the case of postcards. You should not focus on the fact that marketing through postcards is expensive. They are affordable and cost-friendly. You can decrease the cost of marketing through these cards by printing a large number. The greater the number of cards lesser will be the cost per card. You can order custom postcards online for further saving shipping costs because due to competition, many companies are offering to ship free of cost.

Lower Response From The Audience:

This concept is true to some extent that with the arrival of digital marketing campaigns, the response from printed postcards online has slowed. We should know that it is slow but not dead. According to a research report by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), their response rate is standing at 4.4%. This is 10-30 times higher as compared to marketing campaigns through email. The reasons behind this increased response rate are that they are printed tangible sheets. You can get escape from becoming overload due to digital marketing videos and spam emails. Physical main create a sense of urgency. These reasons make it clear that they can get an increased response.


Misconception about Customized Postcard:

This is a big myth about the printing of postcards that customization in this field cannot work. When you have to become successful in this field, you must know that personalized printing is the best thing to showcase your values and standards. You may print images, texts, and other elements according to your choice. It will help the receiver to understand the whereabouts of cards. It can help to effectively advertise the company and its products. 

Annoying Tool of Marketing:

People think that postcards are annoying means of marketing. Some people think that when we have the opportunity to promote the company via digital ads, emails, and social, what is the need for postcards? The answer to this question is that have you ever seen empty bookshops? Didn’t you note why they are still filled with books despite the arrival of ebooks? You should know that printed documents hold a tangible message. They aren’t strenuous on your eyes. They can engage more people. Hence, we can conclude that they aren’t annoying. Postcard printing companies can help you develop highly engaging designs to earn appreciation from clients.


Email Is Modern Than A Postcard:

We know that technology has revolutionized the way of communication. Information technology has come up with improved features to assist people in sharing important documents, thoughts, and opinions. This is the reason that most people think that communication through email is modern. We shouldn’t disagree with this, but we can’t compare the effectiveness of postcards with email. You should know that studies have revealed that marketing through emails cannot get a good response from the audience. It happens that most people don’t open emails from unknown sources. On the other hand, you can print custom postcards online to get an increased response. 

We have described different myths about custom printed postcards. You should never consider them because they can lead your business to failure. These cards can be attractive, fascinating, and charming. They can convey your company message effectively. Because they are tangible, they can be more engaging. You should consider various beauty features for getting an increased response from the audience.