Why are Vinyl Banners durable and long lasting Advertising Source

Elsie luna


A vinyl banner is a form of advertisement that has become very popular in recent years. It is a poster that has an effective display, and this display is suitable for putting up promotional messages. They are made of vinyl, which is a type of plastic. The reason why these banners are so suitable for advertising is due to their durable structure and design. More than that, they have a very printable surface. This makes them well suited for promotion. You can easily make a banner that properly reflects the brand in an attractive and creative. But most of all, they are preferred due to their cost-effectiveness.


When we look at the world of advertisement media and promotional techniques, we will see the domination of a vinyl banner. It is one of the most effective materials that we can use to make our messages look attractive and wide-reaching.

But there are many other advantages of using a custom vinyl banner. They are popular for a reason. But what are they?

Why use them?

There are many advantages to using them. They are easily customized. That means that you can easily change their shape and design. They can be printed upon to make them look more appealing to the public. They are cost-effective and are made in a short time. But most of all, they are durable and resistant. 

The advantage of being durable is that you can use an outdoor vinyl banner all across the city. They are not damaged by any environmental factors. What can be more useful than that?

But what is that makes a print vinyl banner so durable and long-lasting? Let’s have a look at these characteristics:


  • The chemical structure: vinyl is a form of plastic that is chemically durable. Its proper name is polyethylene. It is extracted from crude oil during the refining process. The vinyl is made durable by its strongly bonded atoms and molecules. They have covalent bonds that are not easy to break. They are made stronger by supplying heat and pressure to the vinyl during its making. The polymer chains are strongly linked together, making them more tensile. Overall, the chemical formula and the atomic structure makes them one of the most durable and strong materials that can be used for advertising. The atomic structure also makes it easier to mold and be customized. But more than that, the bonds allow the plastic to be resistant to action by water. The elastic ability of the covalent bonds makes the banner stretchable, but equally resistant to wear and tear. It is very difficult to pull apart a covalent structure. This is the first basic reason that makes these banners so durable.
  • The Additives: a vinyl poster has many added elements to it. Apart from the strength of the vinyl itself, we use other strong plastics to make it even more durable. We use a polyester mesh that helps to give the banner a more rigid and stable structure. The high fiber mesh is also very useful for creating a smooth look on the banner. However, different banners have different materials added to them. Apart from the polyester mesh, we can also add a polymeric plasticizer. It is more durable and gives the vinyl a high quality. The plasticizer prevents cracks and fissures on the surface of the plastic, helping to give it a glossy look that is highly attractive and suitable for printing.


  • The printing and lamination: the last stage of making a strong banner is the vinyl banner printing. We know that the structure of a simple banner makes it very resistant and tear-free. The printing also adds to the durability. The inks are durable in the face of sunlight and moisture. A flexographic roller is used to print the messages, and it makes sure that the printing is long-lasting. Manufacturers also use a special machine to layer the banner. This layer is invisible to the makes eye. But it acts like a shield. It is just like laminating a sheet of paper. The same protection provided by lamination is provided to the banner. This layering gives the banner a shiny look that we all are familiar with. It also makes the banner resistant to sunlight and water action. But more than that, the lamination helps to prevent dust from settling on the banner, making it easy to clean and wash.


  • Other factors: the durability of a Vinyl Banner design is decided by a lot of other factors in play. The factors that we have outlined are the main reasons. But there are many other ways in which the firm can make the banner last longer. The storage is very important. The banner, if stored properly, will be long-lasting. More than that, if they are displayed in a shaded place, they will not be exposed to too much heat and sunlight. Another factor that makes these vinyl banners so durable is the usage of fiberglass. Fiber-reinforced vinyl sheets and posters are very durable and rigid. This makes them more suitable to be used for outdoor advertising.

These are the main reasons that have made your vinyl posters and banner so effective when it comes to being a perfect source of promotion. They can be easily used anywhere. And they will stay there until you decide to take them down. This makes them so popular. Designing and printing them is a onetime cost. You can use and reuse them according to your wishes later on.