How to save money on custom Bookmarks Printing

Elsie Luna


For those who want to enhance the number of customers visiting their stores by using these tags yet want to save money at the same time, the following tips will be helpful.

Use Trendy Colors:

For the marketing items, there are always some trends in the market. These trends remain the same for all types of advertising tools whether they are for print, electronic, or social media. Since you are looking for saving money for the printed items, you should focus on what colors are in trend and design your strategy accordingly. The printing services provider might not have to make special arrangements of colors and set the color scheme, ultimately they will offer you a discounted price for the production of these labels. In this way, the cost of the bookmarks printing will be decreased and you will be able to save money.


DIY Bookmarks:

Another way to save the money for these labels is to print bookmarks at home using the DIY methods. The DIY method is a perfect way to save money as well as spend spare time in a creative way especially for those who like to play with colors, graphics, and imageries. This method is an ideal way of advertising for those who are dealing with a business that offers handicrafts and other traditional items of the same kind. Such handmade or homemade tags will endorse the expertise of the business owner in producing items at home with their hands. What else could better promote your business than a tool that tells the whole story of the brand by itself? The DIY method will also help you to save a considerable amount of money that you might want to spend on getting these labels produced from a local or online vendor.


Bulk Ordering:

If you do not have enough time to make these printed bookmarks at home and getting them from an online vendor has become an unavoidable situation for you, then you should consider getting them in wholesale amount. Ordering them in a wholesale quantity will not only be beneficial for you but also for the vendor as well. It is a lot easier for the vendor to run a long batch than to change the settings of the lithographic plant after every short run that cost them a loss of time, effort, and material a lot. On the other hand, if the order is in bulk quantity the vendor can get it done in a single run without any changes in the settings of the plant. There is another factor associated with this fact that the online vendors offer special discounts on bulk orders. The bigger the order is, the better the pricing will be. Eventually, you will have a batch of tags produced according to your desired design and pattern.


Make them Engaging:

Since the prime purpose of these labels is to serve the consumers and secondly to promote your business, you should make them more engaging. The trick that you should be going for is to keep them simple and leave the space for the customers to fill by themselves. All you have to do is to get small sketches printed on these tags and leave them monochrome for the customers. They can fill their desired colors in them and make them their personalized bookmarks. Another way to keep them engaged is to leave the space for personal information such as name, phone number, email, and any other data that can give these tags a personalized touch and make them more related to the persons holding them. Keeping them plain yet engaging will save you the cost of printing and finishing. There must be some difference between getting a product in monochromatic form and colored form. Let the customers do the coloring and at the same time stay engaged while you save the amount of printing and enjoy engaged clients. 


Recycled Material:

Since these printed bookmarks are to be used as tags and labels inside different books, journals, notepads, and ledgers, they do not need to be manufactured with fresh material. Instead, the recycled material can do the job perfectly well. So if you are looking for a way to keep the markers colorful yet economical, then you should consider using recycled material for their manufacturing. In this way, you will not only make sure that you have saved a handsome amount of money but also you will be satisfied that you have contributed to saving the natural environment.

Bottom line:

The above-mentioned tricks for the lithography of the custom Bookmarks Printing will help you to save money and enjoy a better reputation in the market at the same time. You can also try each one of these tips to check which one suits you the most and then keep it for your business.