How to impress your new Clients with Premium Envelope Printing

By: Cortney Jacklyn


Envelop itself is just a piece of paper, but it is the envelope printing that makes it your brand’s identity. This printing is widely used to give an envelope a professional touch. Brands get their envelopes printed with their logo, slogan, and taglines. This process is cost-efficient, but many organizations often choose to go with premium service as it will be their way of communicating with the clients. This service provides options to choose the colors and text according to the requirements of the brand. Engaging text and images can also be printed using this service.


A great-looking envelope that stands out develops an interest in people to open and read your mail and other documents of importance that you sent to them. Creatively printed envelopes can play a vital role in communicating your messages effectively as well. But if they are simple and not appealing, the chances are they will affect the messages as well as your brand reputation. The following are some exciting tips to impress your clients with premium envelope printing.

Selection of Colors:

People are accustomed to receiving envelopes in plain white color. Stand out by getting your custom envelops print in attractive colors. You can use one color or a combination of colors to make them look eye-catching. You can also choose bright colors like orange, red, etc. to get them noticed straight out of the mailbox. Colors are a great way to maintain brand recognition so you can choose the colors which are associated with your brand. In this way, they will become your brand ambassador. People will also share the envelope printing online on their social media accounts if they find it attention-grabbing.



Choosing the right text style and font size is the next important thing to be done. They add value to your text. The fonts on the printed envelopes help people understand what sort of information is provided. The companies of the fashion industry use creative and attractive fonts, whereas the firms of the health industry use very professional fonts. That is why it is so much important to choose the most suitable font according to the targeted audience as well. Then we have to choose the right size, which is as important as the font selection. It depends upon the amount of information you want to print on them. To create an appropriate font size, the information to be printed should be concise. The size of the fonts also depends on the size of the envelope. If its size is big, then a larger font style can be used.

Use images and illustrations:

Sixty-nine percent of the people say that they are more likely to open the envelope that features graphics. This creates a valid point of incorporating illustrations and images on your custom envelops. Illustrations make the packing more attractive. They can support the message if you create them strategically and creatively. The opposite is the case if they are not created according to the idea you want to communicate. The right images can grab the attention of your client. By using printing services, you can put images on them that will motivate the person to open and read your mail.


Use Windows Creatively:

The envelopes with die-cut windows look more eye-catching. This window can be made more attractive with the addition of colored borders. Artistic borders can highlight the window and attract the reader to look inside of it. By doing this, you can display an important and attention-seeking part of the mail. This part can be a letterhead, a logo, a picture of a product, etc.

Print Taglines:

This Envelope Printing is your brand ambassador, as well. You can add a tagline on it. This tagline will not only advertise your brand, but it will also make the reader curious about what’s inside. Businesses are always seeking an opportunity to market themselves. How can you ignore this exciting opportunity to market yourself in front of the customer directly? In this era of the digital revolution, almost all of the brands are marketing themselves digitally. People do not pay much concern to these abundant advertisements. But you can advertise yourself when they are relaxed and paying full attention to your mail. You can also add your slogan on it to make it more attractive as well. This can be a very good way to impress your customers.


Ask a Question:

What is a better way of captivating someone’s attention than asking a question? Printing a question will not only grab the attention of the customer. It will also motivate the customer to open and read the mail to find the answer. The client will feel satisfied to know the answer that will make an impressive image of your brand as you will be increasing the knowledge of the client.

In this era of excessive competition, businesses try to do everything to retain their clients. The premium printing of envelopes offers them an effective way to impress customers. But you can impress them only when you have given proper attention before getting your premium envelopes printed. These were some of the many tips to impress and retain your customers with the help of these premium covers.