How to Design Impressive Business Card for Real Estate Business

By: Elsie Luna


Business cards are very important for real estate, they may be old school now, but they still are somewhat a liability of nearly every service provider. Business cards have been popular since the 19th century to leave a trail for your clients back to your office or workplace with basic contact information. With the popularity of them, business card printing also appeared as a distinguished sector in the printing industry. As for real estate or any other service provider, cards are a powerful tool to enable your client to keep track of you. Designing them appropriately is highly significant for your business.


The importance of custom business cards lies in the fact that they help you to leave your trail to a potential client. There are many perspectives to take care of while deciding the design of your business cards. They should be enchanting in look and must contain proper information to portray your business as an authentic source to reach out.

Include Concise Information:

One of the basic parameters to focus upon, while designing your real estate business card, is the content of your card. Since they serve as a lead back to you, you cannot afford to have ambiguous information on them. Starting with contact information, they must contain your proper official contact details. If you miss something, your clients might not be able to contact or visit you, and that is the end of possible business relations. You do not want to smother a fair business deal or a prospective clientele just because your potential client was unable to contact you. Be specific about what services you provide. There is very limited space on a business card, and it must be utilized to its full potential. It must contain brief but substantial information regarding the services you offer. It would help your clients identify you as an authentic guy in the market since the exact description is self-explanatory about your knowledge of your work.


Include your Online Presence:

Now the time had changed when people judged your authenticity through proper business logistics. Today is an era of the internet, and people do not deem you as an authentic entity unless they know about your website or presence on some other authentic online marketplace. It would be a good idea to include your website or online shop on your business card. You can be creative about providing this link, and you can site your website link through a QR code. They are quite common these days, and nearly everyone would know how to use them. That would further enhance your image in the sight of your clients, and they would not hesitate to try you. Since all your professional aesthetics would seem up to date, and they would have lesser reasons to not trust your business for their requirements. Research shows that 51% of people find their homes over the internet, followed by 30% of the estate agents.

Follow your Company Theme:

The business cards do not necessarily have the textual data only. They can include color patterns and pictures as well. A good business card to optimally represent your business would also follow the same patterns and textures as followed by your office or shop or workplace. It would not only help your customers to identify your place if they intend to visit you but also looks more appropriate and substantial. And do not forget to include your logo and business name with the credentials of the man in charge. It shall help your esteemed clients to know whom to reach. If you do not know how to properly design your business cards; several services can develop a complete solution for your business cards online. They can properly design them as per your theme and needs keeping everything in line. Your card must also evoke feelings about what you do as a realtor.


Business Cards for Employees:

Employees are proven indirect marketing tools. Several businesses our there to issue custom business cards to their employees. The specific card would include the specifications about the employee, including his name designation and contact. Everything else would be about your business. Most people like to associate themselves with a bigger entity, so do your employees. When they would introduce themselves through a job-specific visiting card, they would be indirectly referring to new people to your business. Specifically, in the real estate business, it is the necessity of nearly everyone to consult a real estate advisor at least a few times in their lives. Your target market would be very large, so does your competition. Therefore, it would be a better idea to issue employee-specific business cards to your staff so that they can professionally introduce themselves and you too in the process.

Card Material:

Although the most commonly available business cards are carved out of regular paperboard, they usually stay in wallets and approached when there is a need for them. The chances are that your card would not sustain for longer periods owing to the natural aging and deterioration of the paper material. Therefore, you can opt for PVC business cards, which look not only spectacular but also never deteriorate. All your information remains intact for a very long time. They are a little expensive but they are worth it. You can approach an easily available business card maker online or through a local physical market.


Card Shape:

You don’t have to be conventional about everything; you can always alter the shape of your card to fit your needs. A different looking professional aesthetic indicates an innovative and unorthodox approach towards the dealing methods of a specific business. People would be lured to your business out of their curiosity to find more about you. You can introduce triangular or circular shapes in a business card, or you can simply round the edges of your regular rectangular pattern. The choice is all yours.

The design of your Business Card Printing is as important as the information it carries. Therefore, a lot is to ponder upon concerning your professional card design. You can approach many business card manufacturers to get your cards manufactured. They can also design it for you with an extra few bucks.