How to choice premium quality Letterhead Printing for your Business

By: Cortney Jacklyn


Amongst all the important documents of your company, the letterhead has its significance, which cannot be challenged. All of the important business correspondences within the company or to the clients happen on them. Letterhead printing must be paid extra attention to be manufactured in good quality to earn a remarkable reputation for the brand. Having a wide range of options, they can be printed on standard, textured, or wove paper. You can use coated or uncoated paper, but make sure it is of good quality to represent your standards. Different styles can be used to manufacture them like they can be printed single-colored, multi-colored, embossed, foiled, or die-cut as well. The standard size for their printing is usually considered A4, but this is purely up to the brand’s policy how they want it to be made. The essentials printed on them must be the company’s name, contact, address, and company’s logo. Optionally, you can also have a watermark and details like GST and CIN etcetera.


Paying attention to other tiny details to build up your business in the market, do not let go of the chance to make the essential document you use to deliver transactions, memos, records, and other details. When it comes to print a custom letterhead for your company, make sure it is as interacting as a business card is. Follow this article and get help to do all the necessary research on how you can get the best quality printed to represent your brand in the most sophisticated manner. 

Bold, Unique and Stylish:

You may use any of the font sizes that look adequate to the size of the paper you are using to print letterhead for the company. But make sure it is in the bold form to increase the readability of the text. If the size of the paper is big and the font size is too small for that, then it may give an odd look to it. To avoid that from happening, ensure the font size is big and bold. Then comes the uniqueness of the font style, make it different and as stylish as it pops up from the paper and tells you the brand story as no traditional font style can do. A simple style for them can do the entire job done, but try to analyze if you want to have a quirky style or a sophisticated one. Choose the style which best represents your company.


Quality of the Paper:

Be careful with the paper quality you are choosing for your custom letterhead. There is a wide range of papers you can use to print them. The high quality coated paper, or you can say art paper comes with a coating on them, is available in gloss or silk form. This is an expensive paper and can be used as glossy broachers etc. Then comes the next, which is uncoated paper, available without any coating on it. Premium quality uncoated paper is usually used in printing letterheads. It is highly compatible with laser printers. Laid and wove paper are also good quality papers textured and smooth, respectively, you can choose for printing your business stationery.

The Thickness of the Paper:

Along with the paper type, you may want to look into the thickness of the paper as well. A generally used photocopier sheet is of 80 GSM; ask your letterhead maker to make sure if they are using a 100-120 GSM paper, which is recommended for the business stationery. 120 GSM is expensive, but its quality is good, and it can give a marvelous first impression of your brand to the receiver. Plus, make sure that the paper is recycled if your brand is considered as “green.”



Make sure that your Letterhead Printing is providing you the ability to print images and logos on the letterhead as they are incomplete without having your company’s logo on them. And then coming up with the trend to print images on them, which is another task your custom letterhead manufacturer must be capable of doing.

By ensuring the above-stated ideas and doing more research on them, you may successfully find yourself able to get manufactured the best quality letterhead for the company. This is the dire demand of the times to have a unified business stationery quality starting from business cards to flyers. Adopt a style that goes unique and equally attractive to leave a desired first impression of your brand to your customers.