How to Attract your customers with Folding Carton Packaging

By: Cortney Jacklyn

How to Attract your Customers with Folding Carton Packaging

Folding carton is one of the most popular packaging types available in the markets. As we know, the packaging is as important as the product itself. The right packaging can attract many customers if it is manufactured in creative ways. The following are some of the amazing ways by which you can attract customers with this packaging.

Folding carton

Customized Shapes:

Folding carton boxes generally come in a rectangular shape. This shape is very old, and people are fed up with this conventional shape. You can attract them by customizing their shapes. The hexagonal box can be a very good option. Pillow or cylindrical shapes can also be beneficial for attracting customers. Moreover, you can also get them manufactured in personalized shapes for specific events, time, or celebrations. Like you can make numerous shapes for Chinese New Year. Egg shape packages are a very good choice for Easter. Heart shape packaging can be beneficial on Valentine’s Day to attract customers. Hence innovations in the shape of packages can be a good form of attraction for people.

Alluring Designs:

There are many folding carton designs available in the market. You can choose any of them, or you can innovate a unique design that can drastically improve the sales of your products. These cartons can be customized in a wide variety of designs as per the liking of the brand. You can use appropriate images to make them attractive to the customers. The use of artistic illustrations is proved to be beneficial for many types of businesses. You can choose eye-catching typography for your package. Numerous color schemes are associated with different types of products. You can choose a color scheme that can make your product stand out, among others.

folding carton designs

Creative use of Die-Cut Windows:

The use of a die-cut window on the packaging is already proved to be extremely beneficial for many businesses. The custom folding carton can be manufactured with alluring die-cut windows to showcase the precious product packed inside of them. These windows can be made on any or every side of the box. The design of the window can be made relevant to the design of the product. Many businesses get these windows made in the shape of their logo. They can be manufactured with personalized die-cut windows according to specific events. Like the haunted shape, die-cut windows can be appealing for numerous customers on Halloween. In the same way, you can associate the shape with every event to grab the attention of the customers.

Promotional Phrases:

Some businesses like to get their boxes printed with promotional phrases from premium folding carton printing services. This is because nothing attracts the people more than the promotional message of your product on the package. The slogan of your brand, marketing tagline, etc. can even attract the customers that were not planning to buy the product. That is why you need to get your packages printed with attention-grabbing promotional lines.

Branded Products are liked more:

The customers of every age, gender, and social class like to purchase branded things. People are willing to pay more for a product that is branded instead of the same quality product that is not branded. A brand is the symbol of the trust, so why not get the branding info printed on the package? The custom folding carton can be printed with branding information like logo, name, theme, color scheme, and vision of the company. By using this information, you will make them your brand ambassadors that will look more appealing to the customers. In this way, you will also get branding benefits for a long time.

folding carton printing

Eco-Friendliness is the new Attraction:

These folding boxes are manufactured with organic cardboard stock. They do not cause pollution and decompose easily under natural circumstances. Modern customers like to get nature-friendly products to contribute to stopping or reducing global warming. That is why businesses are using folding carton designs that give the message of the ecological nature of the package and the product. They can be printed with a leaf or a tree symbol to represent their ecological nature. They can also be printed with words like “nature-friendly” or “eco-friendly” that attract most of the modern customers.

Delivering Premium Quality:

What is the thing that attracts most of the customers all over the world? The answer that comes in the minds of everyone is “quality.” Nothing can attract most of the customers if the quality is very low. The quality of the package is as important as the quality of the actual product. Thanks to the customization in the cardboard sheet as its quality can be regulated. You need to get good quality materials for packaging. You have to get the packages printed from premium folding carton printing services. Moreover, Premium vinyl lamination is also important to make them a premium. If all of these are taken care of, then your package will make the product stand out among others.

custom folding carton

There are many ways to attract customers with a custom Folding Carton. They are ranging from artistic designs, creative shapes, alluring die-cut windows to use of promotional and branding stuff, premium quality, and expression of eco-friendliness. All these ways can be used to make your product stand out in the market.