Everything You Need to Know to Prepare the Perfect Wedding Card


Elsie Luna

Everything-you-need-to-know to-prepare-the-perfect-Wedding-Card

A wedding is an important day of someone's life and everything associated with it has great importance. From the dress of the groom and bride to the invitation cards, everything is vital for the big day. A wedding card is important as it is the first impression of your big day. This also serves the purpose of legal documents or proof for the ceremony. This gives the guest essential information about the ceremony, the time of the occasions, and the location. In fact, many people know about the wedding just after receiving the invitation itself. Think these as the first impression, the design of such invitations matter a lot due to the importance of presentation as they are like first glance to your big day. The design can give the guests a hint of the nature of the event, the text written on them gives the guest the exact information they want. These invitations are also important because you have to make the guests feel that ‘this is a must to go wedding’. This is like your official persuasion for the event, the design and style of the card will be in accordance with the theme of the occasion. Try to make creative designs and an appealing color scheme which can appeal to the guests, personalized wedding card invitations can also be designed for a better impression. The designing process of them requires you to have a creative approach and you have to keep many factors in your mind while designing them.


Define the Wedding Theme:

Your wedding invitation is not only about giving your guests the essential information about the venue and time of your event but it also gives them a hint of the formality of your event. The design also reflects the style and theme of your wedding. The card should reflect the nature of your event as if it is in a formal style or with a modern theme, the theme of elegance, or with a glam; the invitation style clears it all. Give the style of the invitation importance as it is the first impression of your event. Consider visiting wedding card printing services and online websites for getting inspiration before finalizing the design.


Colors of the Card:

The color palette for your invitation also matters because the visual appeal of it impacts the guests a lot. The color scheme should be in a way that accommodates the main theme of your event. The color of the invitations and the fonts matter a lot. Think about the nature of the event and the impact of the invitation on the guests. Try using a solid color with fonts in gold or silver foiling; it will give a luxurious touch to your wedding card invitation.

Choice of Words:

These invitations are formal and follow a proper format. The choice of words on the invitation should be wise as you have to follow the traditional format for it. They usually start with the name of the host, name of bride and groom, RSVP information, and end with a formal request to join the event. Always write these in start according to the proper formatting. Also, consider the font style and size; these should be in accordance with the readability. Never put extra un-necessary information about anything on them as it will overcrowd the printing and will make it difficult to read. Printed Wedding Card usually follows a basic template of 4.5 inches by 6.25 in size, if you are following the basic template, always stay brief and avoid useless information but if you are playing with a different style then you can consider written copy in accordance with the writing space.


Consider Presentation:

Wedding invitations are always of great importance as they are about your big day and anything associated with this event can’t be neglected. From the visual impact of card printing to the proper appearance of them, every point matters. Always use high-quality materials in the printing which can give a premium touch to the visuals. Also, consider using personalized packaging for a proper embellishment of these invitations as it gives a luxurious feeling to them and can add to your main event by associating high values with it. A custom Wedding Card Printing with proper presentation can appeal to anyone with great effectiveness. Use presentation material which can directly accommodate your card design and add to the values of it.

Order Extra:

Last but not least, always order some extra cards while getting them printed from your printer service as if in an emergency, you need some extra invitations, it could be expensive to print them again. A wedding is an occasion where you don’t know that when will you need some extra invitation to be mailed again. Printing services charge you according to your order size, if you will try to get more invitations printed after your final order, they will be expensive as the order will not be in bulk. These extra cards can help you in times of emergency if you forgot to count some people in the main list and have to mail new invitations to your list-B.