What are the Precautions for COVID 19 A little Help by GoPrintingServices

By: Jackson White

As a responsible corporate entity, GPS-USA serves to provide this public service message in compliance with corporate social responsibility (CSR) about the life-threatening pandemic Novel Coronavirus. It is heart-shattering to see such helplessness of mankind due to little carelessness. Trusting the following guidelines shall help you stay safe from the CONVID-19.

Wear a mask:

Nose and mouth are the main entry points of the virus into our bodies. Keeping them covered, while you are outside your home, is a great way to keep yourself safe from the aerial suspended droplets originated from sneeze or cough from an affected person. But not every mask can be used for the purpose, only the appropriate breather or the 3-ply surgical mask should be considered.

Use sanitary gloves:

You need to keep your hands away from all the possible direct confrontation with any contaminated surface. You cannot see a virus. Therefore, you wouldn’t know where they might be attached. So it is better that you shield your hands with the appropriate latex-type rubber gloves that keep all the microbes away. You can just remove them as you get back home and sanitize them for later use.


Thoroughly cook your food:

There is a limit to the temperature that a certain micro-organism can survive. As for the Coronavirus, it does not survive the exposure to more than 57 degrees. Your food, especially meat, could be carrying a variety of viruses that can be neutralized through proper heating while cooking. Therefore, do not eat undercooked foods and dishes. Avoid the food from outside the home and cook for yourself.

Keep your hands clean:

Hands are the main carriers of the Coronavirus to your mouth and eyes. Washing them periodically would reduce the risk of getting the COVID-19. Use proper handwashing liquids or soap to disinfect your hands frequently to kill the disease-causing micro-organisms.

Don’t touch your face:

Perhaps it is for the best to avoid touching your face before you properly sanitize your hands with some sanitizer or soap. You must avoid touching your face on purpose, especially when you outside your home and haven’t cleaned your hands in a while.

Avoid social contact:

COVID-19 spreads through various means, like coming in contact with the affected person or touching the surface that might be carrying the virus. Or you might just catch the suspended microbes in the aerial droplets from some sneeze or cough. The best thing would be avoiding social gatherings as much as possible since we do not know who might be carrying the Coronavirus and affect others.



Stay home, save lives:

The best thing you can do right now is to stop getting outside your home unless it is very necessary. Work from home if you can. The least you go out the best shall your odds be for surviving the pandemic. You will not get affected by your home unless someone is already affected there. It is economical, too, since sanitizing yourself repetitively takes money.

Keep distance from animals:

There is no way in this world; you can know that an animal might be carrying the disease or is affected by it. They might not be diseased, but their bodies could be carrying the virus; therefore, it is for the best to stay away from animals.

Sanitize touching surfaces:

There are several things like your cellphones and laptops that you keep touching frequently. You do not know what diseases they might be carrying. Therefore, you must sanitize them with some proper disinfecting liquid, especially if you had carried them outside your home. Touching surfaces include your clothes, shoes, doorknobs, and cash too.

Strengthen your immunity:

COVID-19 might be life-threatening, but even if you get infected, you have greater odds of survival if your immune system is intact. The usual incubation period of COVID-19 is 5 to 14 days on average. If your immune system is already weak, you might not be able to see it through. Therefore, consume as much natural Vitamin-C as you can, preferably use vitamin supplements for the purpose. It shall fortify the ability of your body to fight the invading diseases.

This pandemic is the problem that is suffered by all humans alike, and only our cumulative efforts can save us and others around us. GPS-USA is hands-in-hands with our beloved public and customers to beat this challenge together and prevent its propagation until a proper vaccine is discovered.